Our Club is made up of in-service, out-of-service, wannabe flyers, family members, and persons, all interested in light sport and general aviation. As appropriate, we recognize extraordinary service and support of the Club through our WALT HILL AWARD.

Being a member is your way of supporting our efforts.  Becoming a member shows support and provides you access to all of the club’s facilities and programs.

To join or renew membership in the Club, use one of the following TWO forms:



Mail the completed form along with $18.00 Individual/$24.00 Family, payable to SVLAF (annual dues 11/1 – 10/31). Dues are prorated throughout the year. Additional information is available on each form.  All members and interested non-members are automatically added to our Club’s electronic mailing list.

If you want to be kept aware of events and happenings in the Club, but do not wish to join, we’ll be glad to put you on our electronic mailing list.  Send an email to info @ svlaf.org providing your name and email address, requesting to be added to the list.