1. SVLAF said:

    There are numerous options available for learning to fly. For true ultralights, no license is required and you can find people willing to train you at various airfields. Light sport training requires a certified instructor (see Chesapeake, Williamsburg and New Kent airport web sites). Of course you CAN get a private pilot’s license (as suggested at MANY flying schools) even if you will be flying Light Sport or ultralights. There are many more private license options out there than light sport, but check out the faa.org website and do a search for instructors in Virginia.

  2. Layne cox said:

    Looking into ultralite flight training then possably moveing up to lite sport. Any one there that can help with either one? I am in Hartfield and so far havent gotten any real answers from Hummel. They seem to think everyone needs a REAL pilots liscense. In advance, thank you for your time