An Eating Club with a Flying Problem

The Southeast Virginia Light Aircraft Flyers club exists to promote sport aviation in general, and light sport and ultralight flying in particular.  There are numerous active pilots associated with the club, plus many many supporters of light sport aviation.

In response to the introduction of Light Sport Aircraft and the Sport Pilot certification, the Club was formed to provide a forum for instruction, safety education and the exchange of technical information. Many of us gather at 10 AM each Saturday, weather permitting at New Quarter Farm.  We talk, reminisce, and usually will fly or drive to lunch.  If you are interested in stopping by but want to be sure someone will be there, send an email to info @

Two fields are associated with the club: New Quarter Farm (92VA) and Beaverdam Airpark (VA33).  Both are on the Washington aviation sectional.

– New Quarter Farm (92VA) has a 3200 ft grass strip. It runs along a power line. Runways 15 (a left hand pattern) and 33 (a right hand pattern) are on perfectly manicured grass.  Our CTAF is 122.85.  TPA is 500 feet.  There is a dirt road that crosses the runway approximately 1000 feet from the south end.  Planes can easily land and cross the dirt road from either direction.

– Beaverdam Airpark (VA33) has a 2200 ft grass strip with east/west runways, both left hand patterns. Their CTAF is also 122.85.

Flying machine

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